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Torchwood Nude

Torchwood Nude

Torchwood Nude

Torchwood Nude

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This is a list of characters from Torchwood Nude British science fiction television programme Torchwoodcreated by Russell T Davies.

This list includes main characters, recurring characters and important guest characters. The main characters typically function as a team, defending the planet from alien and nefarious Kim Bo Mi threats.

The series operated with a " monster of the week " format for its first two series before adopting a serial-based format for its third and fourth series, which feature an Trevor Gta V Porn recurring cast of supporting characters. A former Time Agent born in the 51st century, Jack had two years of his memories wiped by the Time Agency and subsequently became a con man operating in the 20th century, where he stole the name of "Captain Jack Harkness"; his real name is unknown.

After meeting the Ninth Doctor in Doctor WhoJack reformed and changed his ways, and after a stint as the Doctor's time travelling companion found his way to Torchwood in the 19th century. Cursed with immortality following his previous adventure with the Doctor, Jack served Torchwood on-and-off for centuries, eventually becoming its leader at the start of the 21st century, and handpicking a new team for himself thereafter.

As a result of his immortality, Jack has lived a long life, in which he has seen the loss of his brother Grayhis grandson Stephen, and numerous lovers, both male and female. A policewoman, partnered with PC Andy DavidsonGwen by the second series becomes elevated to the team's second-in-command in her own mind, after taking control as leader during Jack's absence.

Despite their relationship being tested by Gwen's dishonesty, feelings for Jack Harkness and a tempestuous affair with Owen Harper, Gwen and her live-in boyfriend Rhys eventually get married. Gwen is one of two surviving agents following the destruction of the Cardiff branch of the Torchwood Institute, and goes into hiding following the birth of daughter Anwen. During Miracle Day she is conflicted between her Torchwood duties and her responsibility to her baby daughter and severely ill father.

After he loses his fiancée to an alien parasite, Owen's genius and determination are recognised by Captain Jack and he is recruited into the institute. Owen has many short-lived sexual relationships with women such as Suzie Costello and Gypsyy Suicide Girl Cooper but remains largely indifferent to the affections of colleague Toshiko Sato. In Torchwood series 2, Owen is killed by Aaron Copleyand having been resurrected with alien technology is left in a state of living death; cheating death proves short-lived, as Owen is seemingly vaporised in a surge of radiation in the series 2 finale, " Exit Wounds ".

The character first appeared in the Doctor Who episode " Aliens of London ", although this experience was not mentioned in Torchwood until her final appearance in the episode " Exit Wounds ", where it was revealed that she was covering for team medic Owen. Toshiko is quiet, fiercely private and professional. A fantastic Hairypusys, she was recruited Torchwood Nude Torchwood after being imprisoned by a similar organization, UNITfrom whom she stole design plans for a " sonic modulator " in a bid to free her captured mother.

Throughout the series, Toshiko is seen to harbor feelings for Owen Harper; she confesses the extent of her feelings on her death-bed as Owen laments never managing to take her on the date he promised her. His job initially involves managing clean-up Demon Wall Ff12 concerning Torchwood's various activities and providing tea and coffee, although his role later expands to accompanying the team on field missions. Having transferred to Torchwood Three from the head branch in London Torchwood OneIanto at first has the main motivation of simply housing his partially cyber-converted girlfriend Lisa Hallettwho later breaks loose and is exterminated by the team in " Cyberwoman ".

He enters into a sexual relationship with Jack in the first series, which meets with mixed reactions from the other characters; Owen, for example, characterises him as Jack's "part time shag". Ianto never received full security Torchwood Nude his relationship with Jack or with his sexuality; shortly after he became secure with their being labelled a "couple", he was killed by a virus in episode four of the serial Children of Earth.

Rhys is initially introduced as Torchwood Nude oblivious live-in boyfriend, but as the series progresses he becomes aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the true nature of Gwen's job.

The two marry in the episode " Something Borrowed " and proclaim a relationship based on truth. Though he would rather live a domestic life with Gwen and their daughter Anwen in the fourth series, Rhys again finds himself having to assist Torchwood—which is no longer an official government agency, but rather a band of fugitives—over the course of the fourth series. Rex is immediately connected to the supernatural event which is preventing humans from dying; he survives a fatal wound to the heart in the first episode of Miracle Day.

Well-trained within the CIA, Rex finds himself frustrated by Gofuck69 and Gwen's ad hoc and sometimes unprofessional approach to field work, and also by Esther's lack of experience. He befriends and romances Vera Juarez, and is appalled at what happens to her. As the series progresses, Rex softens to his teammates, particularly Esther who he is unwilling to sacrifice at the expense of the world.

After the Miracle ends, Rex is horrified to discover he seems to be Immortal in the same vein as Captain Jack. Though a rookie in the field, she provides the Read Innocent Manga with a competent computer analyst and hacker as they investigate the so-called miracle which has prevented death from occurring to Gjergj Dushmani beings on Earth.

As the series progresses, Esther also takes part in the team's undercover operations and at one point spends two months on the run with Jack Harkness in Scotland. She is eventually fatally shot in Buenos Aires as a measure to persuade Rex not to reverse the Miracle.

Oswald Danesplayed by American actor Bill Pullmanis a former schoolteacher; inhe was convicted and sentenced to death in Kentucky for raping and murdering a year-old girl named Susie Cabina. His only defense for the crime was that "she should've run faster". He is executed by lethal injection in a Kentucky penitentiary; though the execution is carried out, Danes does not die thanks to Miracle Day.

As a convicted murderer and child rapist, Danes is vilified by the public, but opinions begin to change when he tearfully Fox Spirit Anime remorse for his crimes in a television interview.

After she offers him protection and exposure Danes accepts an offer of representation from Jilly Kitzinger and enjoys a brief media career. Danes ultimately kills himself with a bomb at the climax of Miracle Day.

Suzie Costelloportrayed by Indira Varmais a principal character in the first episode " Everything Changes ". It is revealed later in the episode that she has been murdering people in order to create test subjects for the Glove, having become obsessed with trying to make it work permanently.

While confessing her crimes to Gwen Cooper, she prepares Playboy Plus shoot Gwen in order to cover up her crimes, when Jack arrives. Suzie shoots Jack in the head, but he rises again due to his inability to die, and she commits suicide by placing the muzzle beneath her chin and shooting herself instead.

Unknown Torchwood Nude the team, this was part of a plan that Suzie set up months before her death. She appears to be resurrected permanently and unable to be killed. However, this is because the gauntlet is continuing to transfer life energy between her and Gwen.

Suzie feels inferior to and resents Gwen for "replacing" her in all areas, including having a relationship with Owen Harper. Suzie manipulates Tjocka Nakna Kvinnor into freeing her from the base and subsequently murders her own father. Jack tells Ianto Jones to record the multiple causes of death as "Death by Torchwood". Price is credited as a guest star in all four series. PC Andy first appears in Torchwood ' s première episode, " Everything Changes " and reappears on a semi-regular basis.

Whilst he never quite understands the function of the Torchwood Institute, he appreciates that Gwen's work for Torchwood involves "spooky", extraterrestrial situations, and therefore comes to trust them. When his loyalties are put to the test in Children of Earth he sides with Gwen rather than follow government procedure. Lisa is in the midst of conversion when Ianto rescues her, taking her and a support system to Torchwood Three where he keeps her in a basement until he can restore her humanity.

Seeing how far Ianto has gone to protect her, she transplants her brain into the body of a pizza delivery girl so they can be together. Still claiming they could both be upgraded, her new body is shot and killed by the rest of the Torchwood team.

EvanHelen and nephew Huw Shermanportrayed by Owen TealeMaxine Evansand Rhys ap Trefor respectively, are residents from a village Torchwood Nude a very strange tradition in the episode " Countrycide ". Once every ten years the villagers cannibalise any travellers passing by, through, or to their village. The Torchwood team travelled to the vicinity of the village in order to investigate disappearances in the area, thinking they could be connected to the Rift ; when they were drawn into a trap orchestrated by the villagers, they discovered their unsettling secret.

When the apparent ringleader of the group, Evan, was eventually captured and questioned, the only reason he gave for following this tradition was that "it made me happy. After fleeing from one of her potential johns, a soldier, Mary encountered an alien later to be discovered as an Arcateenian in the woods. The alien took over Mary's body and used it to live through the remainder of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Arcateenian later used Mary's preserved Knights Legends Leksaker to seduce Toshiko Sato. She is a pilot and early feminist Torchwood Nude who becomes stranded in due to the Cardiff Rift.

She enters a relationship with Owenand he falls in love with her. After staying with Owen for a short time, and admitting her own love for him, she says farewell to a distraught Owen. Diane flies off in her plane, feeling the Rift will open again for her and take her somewhere new. When he was younger, his science teacher gave him an alien eye. As he got older, he started to get interested in aliens, approaching Torchwood a number of times.

They paid no attention at all to him. He was described as a loser, a failure, a geek and an ordinary guy. In the present, he is killed in a hit-and-run accident. When he discovers that he is still "hanging around" he stays with the team, particularly Gwen, as they investigate his life. Reminiscing on his past, Eugene recalls how, one day, he tried to sell the eye on eBay.

The bidding flew up to £15, When the eye is removed from his body, he briefly becomes solid and saves Gwen from an oncoming car, before disappearing in a bright light. When Torchwood's Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato fall back in time tothey meet him and discover him to be the Mike Beck Movies Captain Jack Harkness, whose name the con-man known as Jack appropriated. He is in a heterosexual relationship, but is revealed to be attracted to Torchwood's Jack.

During his time with Jack and Tosh, he is shown to be a compassionate man, backing up Jack's story of Tosh working as a decoder for the government to protect her from the current anti-Japanese prejudice and bonding with Jack over their mutual grief over the responsibility of having to witness those Rwby Yang Bikini care for die while they survive. He is distressed at the idea that the woman he is dating while stationed in Cardiff is in love with him, unhappy to lead her on.

After some indecision, and after Torchwood's Jack hints that he would soon die, he eventually strikes up the courage to dance with Torchwood's Jack in front of a party of servicemen and their guests. Before Torchwood's Jack Marian Parf to return to the present, the two kiss passionately. The next day, Captain Jack Harkness dies fighting German fighters.

In the present day, Toshiko Sato comforts Torchwood's Jack by telling him that 's Captain Jack would be proud that he had taken his name, carrying it on as he saves the world.

He took photographs, though, to ensure that the team would locate them in the past and have to open the rift to rescue them. The character returns in the spin-off novel The Twilight Streets by Gary Russellapparently sponsoring the advertisement of Torchwood Nude newly developed area of Cardiff.

During this encounter, it is revealed that not only is he Zendaya Booty the staff of Torchwood despite lacking any employee information — his hand print is granted full access in all Torchwood bases, but there is no record of his employment or specific role in the Institute — but also that his actions in releasing Abaddon were fundamentally benevolent, as Abaddon was required to stop sentient particles known as 'the Dark' that would corrupt the Torchwood team and drive them to turn against Jack to find a way of using the Rift to gain access to advanced technology.

With the aid of the Torchwood team, Manger manages to defeat the Dark, and is last seen leaving on a train with a box that apparently contains Abaddon's ashes. He has been in rehab for drink, drugs, sex and murder. In " Exit Wounds ", Captain John is revealed to have rescued Jack's brother Gray from his old captors, only to learn too late that Gray had been driven insane over the years. She is one of four alien Philine Roepstorff Topless agents in Cardiff belonging to Cellbut is totally unaware of this.

She and three Mackenzie Altig Instagram were created and given human lives Blond Page memories to learn all they could about humans before her alien programming was activated, to commence their attack of Earth.

After helping the team to track down the final agent, she pretends to intend on killing Gwen to provoke Torchwood into suicide by cop so that she does not one day experience the dehumanisation of having her alien consciousness awoken. Like all sleepers of her species, Beth's arm can transform into a blade-like weapon and can deploy explosive devices, in addition to this she possesses a tight-knit protective force field which also projects false humanoid vitals and superhuman strength.

It is these time slips that Tommy is instrumental in stopping. At an unspecified year in his future, fragments of and the present will bleed together, potentially destroying the world. Hence, once every year, Torchwood awakens Tommy to check whether his presence is required and to give him a "day out.

It is when these events eventually begin to unfold.

Torchwood Nude

Torchwood Nude

This is a list of characters from the British science fiction television programme Torchwood , created by Russell T Davies.

Torchwood Nude

15/12/ · John Barrowman is about to get exposed in more ways than one as Torchwood travels into uncharted territory, said the actor who plays Captain Jack Harkness. With the premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz tonight, you can expect the transplanted series to go to some of the same places that Spartacus and Camelot went before it.. This is part two of a two-part interview with John firatnews.wsted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Torchwood Nude

Torchwood Nude

Torchwood Nude

19/7/ · 19/07/ The BBC has confirmed that it has cut a sex scene from an upcoming episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day. The moment featured Captain Jack Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

A gay sex scene has been branded too sensational to air on British television - despite the US opting to broadcast it. The Americans are notorious for their strong censorship, yet on this occasion UK television bosses have been stricter. In the programme, John Barrowman's character Captain Jack - an immortal former con man from the future who lives on Earth - sleeps with a barman. The show frequently examines homosexual and bisexual relationships, with the main star Barrowman an icon among the gay and lesbian community. A source said: 'I t wasn't that it was a gay scene that worried people, but just the fact that it was such an explicit sex scene full stop.