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Does anyone have any stories that haven't been Hot Juicy Boobs lately. Author: joe [ Edit View ].

Author: peter [ Edit View ]. I would skinny dip with other male friends at a lake or stream. I am straight. I would lay out naked by the lake where nobody could see me. When I moved to florida in I knew that they had a nude beach.

My first time I just layed my towel took off my shirt, shorts and shoes and socks and never thought twice about the fact that I was nude. I looked around and saw all Amouranth Naked of people. I had my speeedo tan lines that i soon lost. NO I never burned my penis. I soon lost that white skin. I love the feeling of being nude and swimming in the water.

This country has a connection between nudity and sex. There is NO connection. Author: joe to" joe" [ Edit View ]. Author: Saddam Hussein [ Edit View ]. Author: Shitleppo, alias Aleppo [ Edit View ]. You're also fucking dead, good riddance!!!! Author: Jim [ Edit View ]. We have never been nude in our house. Recently, my daughter started taking her showers with the Backyard Nudist door wide open to the hallway. A little while later, she started walking down the hallway to her room nude.

It makes me very uncomfortable. I caught my year old son craning his neck around the open bathroom door to see his sister nude. I smacked him in the back of the head for it. I doubt that will be enough. I have not had the courage to talk to her about it. Maybe because I have no idea what to say to her. When I try to talk to my wife, she just shrugs it off and says it is just a phase. On the other hand, I don't know if that is the right thing to say.

I have always admired her self-confidence and I would not want to do anything to turn that down. It is just among family, and so far her nudity has just been a matter of convenience. I don't know if she is thinking of becoming a nudist. I think that may be a bad idea because of our society and stuff and because of her age. I don't know if I should be telling her to feel differently or if I should be telling myself to feel differently.

I would appreciate some helpful Backyard Nudist. Author: Curious [ Edit View ]. How big is her bush? Does she have nice tits? Author: Art [ Edit View ]. If you're uncomfortable with casual nudity in the house, talk it out with your daughter and preferably wife as well.

Why in all hell would you slap your son for looking and not your daughter for starting it? She obviously doesn't mind being seen nude.

But it's a family issue and everyone ought to have a say in it. And don't apply a double standard. Just let it play out. Right now, if I sat down and talked to my daughter. It would go like this. It makes me very uncomfortable when you leave doors open and walk around the house undressed. That would be the end of it I bet.

I think my problem is that I am not sure that it is fair or right for me to say that Backyard Nudist her. Am I a prude or just a Dad? I don't know what you mean by applying a double standard. Your just a dad, but maybe a prude too. If it's all right with your wife and daughter then it's not a big issue. But: A double standard is hitting your boy for his natural instinct Backyard Nudist looking at the girl. Would you slap your daughter if she saw your son nude?

It's downright unfair to your son. If your daughter is going to expose herself, it's fair for any one to look, including you. Until recently, I would have smacked my daughter in the back of the head for trying to sneak a peak at a boy.

So Adidas Tiro Du Xl Ww I am confused. I don't know what rules to enforce. I would really like to be able to have a conversation with my daughter. Ask why she started being casual about nudity at home. It would be very uncomfortable. I want to talk to her about it. But I don't know how to begin the talk or what to say that wouldn't make things even wierder or make her feel guilty for doing something that I guess isn't really Backyard Nudist.

If you cannot deal with it at all, then tell your daughter to stop, but tell her that the problem may be yours and not hers. I agree with joe that we'd all be better adjusted in this country if casual non sexual nudity wasn't taboo.

I've never practiced any home nudity with the children present, unlike joe, so I'm probably not the best person to give advice. In fact my daughters complained if I walked by in brief underwear. I'd encourage you to discuss it openly with your family, Vienna Haydn Grand your wife and son together and come to an understanding.

At least in the beginning, your daughter probably should limit exposure when you're home. And if your daughter can do it, your son can too; he may want to.

And looking is OK, touching is not. I'd be interested in joe's thoughts. Author: joe to jim [ Edit View ]. Author: Rodger [ Edit View ]. Why are you on a forum about non-sexual nudity if you have a problem with your daughter's nudity? I just assumed that the people in this group were the minority who don't have a problem with non-sexual nudity. Author: Bill W. Now if you were from one of the Scandanavian sp countries or tribal Africa, would you be worried about this? I don't think so.

Author: Jim to Rodger and everyone [ Edit View ]. Good question. This wasn't the first place I looked for advice. I started by posting in a parenting forum. First people accused me of being a troll. Then people were rude and critical of my daughter, of me, of my wife.

Indonesia Boy Sex ugly response made me start to ask myself why we even had these hang ups. This forum is definitely out there. I thought I might do better to try to get answers from both sides of the argument. Was it Joe who asked if I think family nudity is wrong?

I want to say its not wrong. But what if it leads to something bad? It seems like it could? I think I want to talk to my daughter alone first. If that goes well, I want Backyard Nudist have a family dinner and see if I can bring up the subject in a India Eisley Xxx judgement way.

Backyard Nudist

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Nudist Pictures. MB, ×, jpg. In the summer Bare nudist parents with their children enjoy the Sun and have fun in the open air.

Backyard Nudist

Backyard Nudist

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Does anyone have any stories that haven't been shared lately. Author: joe [ Edit View ]. Author: peter [ Edit View ]. I would skinny dip with other male friends at a lake or stream. I am straight. I would lay out naked by the lake where nobody could see me.